Enabling auto-adjust waterfall colors by default OpenWebRX

As you already know, OpenWebRX has the option of an automatic waterfall color setting, which is activated manually by pressing the right mouse button on the auto-adjust waterfall icon.

When many different bands are used, it is very convenient when auto waterfall color adjustment is activated as soon as the openwebrx interface is loaded.

Therefore, I made this script, which activates this function automatically.

waterfall_measure_minmax_continuous = true;
$('#openwebrx-waterfall-color-min, #openwebrx-waterfall-color-max').prop('disabled', true);

You can add this script to general openwebrx settings in the admin panel.

Or insert it directly in /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/htdocs/index.html between <head></head>

And that’s it. When you enter your openwebrx receiver, it will automatically enable auto-adjust waterfall color levels.